One-on-one Tech help

Patrons may call to set up one-on-one appointments with a library staff member to get help with computer and internet basics, eReaders and downloads, help with downloading library apps on smartphones and tablets, as well as Microsoft Office programs such as Excel, Word, Publisher and PowerPoint. 

Patrons are asked to bring their device to the meetings. Please keep in mind that Library staff members are unable to help with computer, hardware or virus repair.

Recommended sessions include: 

  • Computer Basics – Designed for users who are just learning to use a computer. Will learn the basic parts of the computer, keyboard and mouse. Will gain a basic understanding of the operating systems, computers file system and applications. Will give a brief overview of protecting your computer, backing it up and other maintenance techniques.

  • Internet Basics – Designed for users who are just learning the Internet. You will learn what the internet is, how it works and how to connect to it. Will also learn what the World Wide Web (WWW) is, choosing a web browser and how to use it and also how to use search engines. Will also give a brief overview on viruses and safety.

  • Introduction to Excel 2013 – Users must be familiar with how to use a mouse and the keyboard. You will learn about workbooks, cells, and worksheets. You will also learn how to sort and filter data and will get tips on formatting spreadsheets so they are easier to create and read. Last but not least, how to save and print your workbooks.

To make an appointment, call the Library at 419-447-3751. 

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Suggested tutorials

Our computer experts have scoured the internet to find a few tutorials for you that may help in your quest for technological knowledge. Please check them out and see if they can help!