Welcome to the Junior Library!

The Junior Library houses books, toys and computers for children with reading levels ranging from birth to junior high. Kids of all ages will find media items (movies, CDs and videogames), puzzles and games available for check out. New games have just been added for those who are interested in playing the game and hanging out at the Library with friends and family, as they are not available for check out.

The Junior Library just added an early literacy section, full of books, games and activities targeted for those just getting interested in reading. The Library also has a collection specifically for adults who work with children. 

Reading programs, story times, Baby Times and other special events are offered at various times during the year. But our favorite time is when it is hot out, because we love the summer reading program. 

If you have questions or need help, be sure to stop by the Junior Library Desk or email juniorlibrary@tiffinsenecalibrary.org


Junior Library programs

At T-SPL's Junior Library, there's something for everyone! We host programs for babies, up to tweens. 


For Parents & Teachers

Great info for parents & teachers that we think you will love!

Be a Volunteer

Just print out the Junior volunteer form, have a parent sign and bring it in! We'll match you with the best volunteer opportunity we have.

Get to Know Us!

See what books T-SPL librarians recommend, what they are currently reading and what's on their to-do list.

There's always something fun going on at the Junior Library

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