All under one roof...

Tiffin-Seneca Public Library is proud to offer more than traditional books and movies. Many more services are offered than meets the eye. 


Items          Loan Period     

Books       3 weeks      

New Books        2 weeks      

Magazines        2 weeks       


DVDs         7 days      

Video Games     1 week      

Audiobooks       2 weeks      

Music CDs       2 weeks      

Public Computers

T-SPL is officially FINE FREE!

All overdue fines are now forgiven.

Please keep in mind that patrons will still be charged for the replacement cost of any lost or damaged items. If a patron has three or more overdue items, or owes $10.00 or more, no additional items may be borrowed. Fees from interlibrary loans will still be collected at a rate of $1.00 per day.

There is a checkout limit of 50 items.


The new Tech Center has twenty computers for patrons to use.  Each has internet access, research databases and Microsoft Office (with Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word.)

In addition to the tech center, there are now four "quick access" computers that are granted time for 15 minutes should you need to check your email or print something off quickly.

The Junior Library has four public computers loaded with early literacy games and stories for children. There are also two computers available with internet aces, research databases and Microsoft Office.


The Genealogy and Local History area has two computers available for internet access to genealogy databases. One computer is attached to a microfilm reader for easier viewing, editing and sending of archived information.

All patrons must have a valid library card to use the Library's computers and are limited to one reservation per day. All children eight and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when using the internet. All users are asked to commit to the Library's internet and usage policies.

Out of town visitors are welcome to use the Library's computers at any time.


Meeting Rooms & Computer Lab

Two public meeting rooms are available to community members at no charge. The Frost Kalnow Room has a maximum seating capacity of 135 and the Junior Home Room has a capacity of 20. Each room comes complete with movable tables and chairs.


The Library asks that each group set up and tear down the room after use. Donations for meeting room usage are always appreciated.


Top-of-the-Line Equipment

One black and white copier is available for public use. Black and white copies are $0.10 each.

A color copier is also available for use and cost per copy is $0.25 each.

A Custom Focus 20-inch color in-line CCTV System for the visually impaired is available in the Adult Reading Room. This low-vision reader will enlarge materials such as books, magazines and newspapers. 

A public scanner that can scan files to print, for email and to a memory stick is also located in the Adult Reading Room.

Fax service is available at the Information Desk. Patrons can fax material from the Library at the cost of $1.00 for the first page and $0.50 for each additional page. Toll free numbers and local numbers are $0.25 per page. The cost to receive a fax at the Library is $0.25 per page.


Other Services

A public notary is on staff at the Library and is available most Mondays through Fridays at 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

To meet with the notary, ask at the Check-Out Desk. Patrons must have valid identification. There is a $1.00 charge.

An Elison Die and die-cuts are available at no charge and is located near the Junior Library.

Additional die-cuts can be reserved through the Junior Library. Paper is not provided.

Please ask at the Junior Library Desk for more information.